Power electronics

High-efficiency power electronics and smart controls for electric vehicle drivetrains are essential to boosting efficiency, power density, reliability and safety.

Companies and research institutions with expertise in the field of power electronics:

Best Practices

Tiny Power Box

The project focuses on optimising the power density of chargers built into electric vehicles (onboard chargers). The aim is to reduce weight, save on components and space, boost the power density by a factor of 4, achieve maximum efficiency in fast charging, and enhance environmental compatibility. The intent is to develop highly compact, bidirectional 7- and 11-kW inverters as onboard chargers for e-mobility applications.

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TINKER EU project

By developing an innovative resource- and cost-saving manufacturing process for a new generation of sensors, the TINKER European research project aims to overcome an obstacle standing in the way of widespread implementation of autonomous vehicles. The project is coordinated by PROFACTOR GmbH from Steyr.

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