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08:30 - 12:15

Hadjari Frederic
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Present your company and your IT Security solutions to one of the largest commercial vehicle manufacturers in China.

Classic sales channels have faced major hurdles since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. But right now it is important not to lose contact with customers and potential customers. In 2022, the IT-Cluster Upper Austria is able to set up network events in order to connect our partner with an OEM.

Chinese giant FAW Jiefang

FAW Jiefang in China is one of the 125 largest companies in the world and achieved an export volume of 3.5 million vehicles in the 2018 financial year. The FAW Jiefang truck division employs around 25,800 people and builds 336,000 heavy vehicles per year. 

Because of the close cooperation with FAW Jiefang, the Upper Austrian Business Agency was 2021 able to arrange a network event with a wide range of topics. This year we have the focus IT-Security and digital transformation and offer our partners to send their applications. 

"FAW Jiefang is committed to research & development and product innovation. We build up cooperation on different levels. The transformation in the Mobility Industry like Connected Mobility/autonomous driving and electrification are game changers and have a deep impact for the OEMs as well as for the supply chain. Information Security is very important for us and therefore we want to know the companies in the Region Upper Austria. We have been a partner of the Business Upper Austria and the Automotive Cluster Upper Austria. The Business Agency supports us to achieve our milestones. We want to get in contact with potential companies in the topic Information Security and highly welcome you to join this event." 
Li Hongguang, CEO FAW Austria Automobile R&D GmbH 

Automotive Topics

Zero Emission / Electric Drivetrain

  • Aftertreatment performance and reliability of ammonia/hydrogen engine combustion / Euro 6 lean-burn natural gas
  • Improvement of heat transfer efficiency of radiators
  • High-efficiency cooling fan technology for fuel cell systems
  • Co-Line production of new energy commercial vehicles in different technology routes (EV, FCEV)
  • Methanol hydrogen production technology and catalyst technology (for vehicles)
  • Euro 7 emission standards: vehicle emission testing / test equipment
    Route analysis and industrialization analysis of vehicle, engine and post-processing technology 

Vehicle Electrification

  • In-wheel motor technology, assisted brake technology, super-fast charging technology, thermal management architecture technology and high voltage electrical architecture technology of new energy commercial vehicle
  • Reliable durability of commercial vehicles
  • Fatigue durability method of European heavy truck chassis (incl. suspension/braking/steering system)
  • Performance evaluation/functional safety of electronic rear-view mirrors for EU commercial vehicles
  • Special characteristics and guarantee scheme of commercial vehicles' chassis dimensions
  • Dimension control standards for each stage of the model, tolerance requirements for each component (cab, stamping parts, non-metallic interior and exterior trim), horizontal detection method, dimensional measurement and control method after mass production
  • New energy commercial vehicle intelligent assembly inspection/ modular assembly technology, electronic control system, electrical inspection technology of electronic control system

Connected Mobility

  • Precipitation simulation control
  • Vehicle testing digitization
  • New technologies for intelligent driving in Europe// Internet of Vehicles
  • Cab interiors for autonomous driving
  • Offline detection methods of the automatic driving function (road test or bench)


Sustainability / Lightweighting

  • Smart factory development
  • Evaluation methods and technical standard systems
  • Stamping technology for trucks, aluminium alloy stamping, application prospect and planning situation of integrated die-casting for truck
  • Functional planning of electronic rear-view mirrors, technical solutions, mass production plan
  • Magnesium alloy forging materials, forging process, forging production equipment, parts 
  • Dipping paint simulation analysis
  • Low wind resistance and low wind noise development technology, the cabs' waterproofing and antifouling, precipitation management related technologies
  • Automatic door assembly technology 
  • Modular process solutions and process solutions for mass production and small batch customization
  • Process planning and design of the cab welding line

Information Security Topics

Regulatory Requirements

  • The laws, regulations, lists of standards and interpretations related to the accesses of information security in the European market 
  • How to conduct CSMS certification in the European market (including process and technical requirements)?
    Is there any difference to conduct CSMS and VTA certification among all the European countries?
    What are the main differences?
  • How to obtain access and certification for Chinese auto enterprises in the European market?

Prozess Systems

  • The organizational structure hierarchy and job responsibilities of information security management
  • What are the key points of the information security management system in the stages of conceptual design, product development, production, operation and disposal?
  • How to establish an information security monitoring and early warning system?
  • What are the measures to protect against cyber-threats?
  • How to establish an emergency response mechanism for information security incidents?
  • How to protect the privacy data security in the European market (including the stages from sales to disposal)?

Technical Measures

  • How should auto enterprises develop vehicle data security technologies (combined with the European market)  in order to meet the compliance requirements (including personal data privacy impact analysis)?
  • How to design and assure V2X information security, OTA information security, and information security in the field of autonomous driving?
  • Compared with the signal-oriented approach, what are the characteristics of the service-oriented automotive (SOA) electronic and electrical architecture for information security design? 
    How to implement typical security solutions on the vehicle and the internet?



8:15 am          Online check-in platform

8:30 am          Start of the official event (welcome words from FAW Jiefang /
                         IT-Cluster OÖ / Automotive Cluster OÖ)

09:00 - 11:00  company presentation 30 min / company

11:00 - 12:00  Beginning of bilateral discussions with the FAW Group and
                         participating companies.
                         Each participant gets their own video channel, which can be
                         used for bilateral discussions. (MS TEAMS)

12:00 - 12:15  Closing words from FAW Jiefang & IT-Cluster OÖ /
                         Automotive Cluster OÖ

12:15               End of the event


Bellow you can find the costs (Gebühren), the application deadline (Anmeldeschluss) and the button to register (Jetzt anmelden >).



For organizational reasons, we ask you to register your company by September 21, 2022. Participation is exclusively for ITC and AC partners of Business Upper Austria.

Costs: 500,- € excl. VAT / company

Event language: English 


To finish your application please send us the filled in innovation profile (Downloads) to it-cluster@biz-up.at

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