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MARK produces ultra-lightweight, corrosion-free hydraulic cylinders. © MARK Hydraulik GmbH
MARK produces ultra-lightweight, corrosion-free hydraulic cylinders. © MARK Hydraulik GmbH
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The MARK Group looks back on an innovation track record that goes back nearly 100 years. The company revolutionised skiing with the invention of the ski boot buckle. By entering the automotive market, MARK Hydraulik GmbH created the basis for sustainable entrepreneurial activity and the foundation for the on-going development of groundbreaking technologies and products.

The idea came first: innovative ultra-lightweight hydraulic cylinders for all industries. Market research and continual investment in research and development led to a new product. Ultra-lightweight hydraulic cylinders by MARK are between 30 and 70 percent lighter than comparable legacy cylinders. Scientific computations, test bed testing and practical use in tough everyday conditions demonstrate their outstanding performance. "If you‘ve ever climbed a mountain with a rucksack on your back, you will understand what it‘s all about: the lighter the load, the less strength you need," says owner Rudolf Mark.

Carbon creates weight advantage

There is no area of the cylinder that is not critically scrutinised for its weight-saving potential. Carbon and its processing is one of MARK‘s key competencies. When selecting substitute materials for conventional steel, MARK relies on the specialist knowledge of its metallurgists. MARK can draw on decades of experience here.


The improved functionality and energy savings in the application can help to save costs in the long term. Cost-effectiveness is a general measure of efficiency or the rational use of scarce resources. The ability to use ultra-lightweight and corrosion-free hydraulic cylinders with enormous weight savings not only translates to economic benefits but also the lead in terms of engineering development.

Freedom from corrosion and reduced emissions

Carbon cylinders are corrosion-free. This is an enormous competitive advantage in terms of wear and costs. And this is an interesting aspect, especially in chemical and maritime applications. Reducing the weight automatically means emissions savings. In all applications, the lighter basic design results in longer ranges, lower operating costs and a huge increase in energy efficiency.

Interdisciplinary product

Carbon hydraulic cylinders by MARK are suitable for a very wide range of applications. They are used in vehicle transporters, aircraft and cranes. Offshore plants, robots and ships also rely on hydraulic cylinders from Upper Austria. And not only domestically, but worldwide. And, as a brand new development, also on the Chinese market. This is because cylinders of any size, length and diameter can be manufactured – as a function of the requirements for the application in question.

Reduced to the essentials

The hydraulic cylinder liner needs to be able to withstand the internal pressure without any major deformation. To ensure this, MARK relies on a thin liner made of steel. The mechanical load is absorbed by a CRP jacket made of prestressed carbon fibre rovings, which is mechanically wound around the liner. In order to fully automate the manufacture of the CRP cylinder liner, all connections have been moved to the end pieces. Advanced high-strength aluminium alloys bear the loads and reduce the weight. The significantly lighter composite cylinder is mechanically rugged and can be produced in large quantities.


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