Automotive Cluster intensifies its cooperation with Chinese organizations

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On April, 19th 2019 we officially held an opening and foundation event to introduce the cooperation between Austrian and Chinese organizations with the aim to improve and strengthen the research and development capacities of both countries by using mutual resources.

The event was hosted by the local government of Suzhou and their technology leader, IAE technologies (, in strong cooperation with the Upper Austrian Automotive Cluster and Tecob GmbH (Austria).

IAE Group is a high-level innovative technology company with complete local sales, technical service, engineering and R&D team. The team has 20+ people, most of them have more than 10 years business and technical experience in industries like automotive, navy, aviation & aerospace.

The core competence and focus of IAE is the development of testing and simulation methods and services for automated driving and IAE is considered the leading provider of such services in China.

In their new HQ in Suzhou they get the full support and governmental funding to develop these systems for the industry in China and elsewhere with a strong dedication to globalization and to use international resources to enable a fast way to market for new advanced technologies that will be necessary for autonomous driving in the future.

Against this background the event also officially announced that IAE will work together with the Upper Austrian Automotive Cluster and Tecob GmbH to set up a new technology center in Austria – the CAIIC (China-Austria Intelligent-Connected-Vehicle Innovation Center) with the aim to allow European OEMs and suppliers to test and simulate their equipment dedicated to the huge market in China. The CAIIC will also build a pool of experts from both countries to find, discuss and develop new and advanced systems that will shape our future mobility.

During the event the importance of such a cooperation has been highlighted by both, Chinese and Austrian politicians. “Joint projects of Austrian companies in China are not short term ventures but stable investments.” highlights Christine Schösser, representative of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.